Children’s Ministry “Noah’s Ark” 6-23-20

Welcome to our first Digital Children’s Ministry!

Our theme is “Noah’s Ark!”

What do you already know about Noah and the ark?

We have a variety of activities for you today.

Mrs. Gore produced this wonderful sing-a-long featuring three songs about Noah and also a prayer song to conclude your time together this week.

0:00 Noah, God Has A Job For You
1:43 Father Noah
2:33 If I Were On Noah’s Ark (This one is my favorite!)
3:50 Prayer Song

Mrs. Resor also has a video for you to watch today:

You will all have a zoom meeting on Monday, July 6 to share your experiences and activities with each other and with Mrs. Resor!

Here are your activities for the next few weeks:

Preschool through 2nd grade – Find animals around your house that would have been on the Ark. You’re going to show these animals during the zoom meeting!

3rd through 6th grade – List as many Ark animals as you can, we will have a competition to see who can name the most!

If you want to join the Zoom call, email Jeni Resor at