Midweek Prayer 9-2-20

Please join us for midweek prayer each Wednesday at noon.

We will pray over your joys and concerns, along with joys and concerns for the whole world.

If you could like to submit a prayer request, you can email one of our pastors:

Pastor Chris

Pastor Andrea

You may also call the church office:

We invite you to also share any joys or concerns below in the comments section.

2 Comments On “Midweek Prayer 9-2-20”

  1. Where are the 9/9/20 and 9/16/20 Midweek Prayer videos? Are they in the process of being uploaded to the website? I enjoy keeping in touch through the Midweek Prayers and Sunday services.


    • Hi Bob!You

      We have joined with the District for a “Prayer and Fasting” program that began the second week of September and will continue into Mid-November. When this program is over, we are looking forward to resuming our regular midweek prayer programming.

      You can find the prayer and fasting videos on the northeast Indiana UMC facebook page or YouTube channel. We link to them every Wednesday on our Facebook page, facebook.com/lagrangeumc.


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